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Keep your business beautiful

Deflector Shield keeps your business beautiful

In 2013 Proctor and Gamble unveiled the Cleaning Industry Insights Survey aimed at the four key customer segments in APS’s Commercial Market Vertical: Healthcare, Food Service, Hospitality/Lodging and Commercial Real Estate sectors. The survey was conducted to gather customer’s attitudes around maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of their properties. These industries take immense pride in maintaining attractive facilities, with 67% reporting that they were either extremely or very proud of their facility’s appearance. They also unanimously ranked cutting facility maintenance the last of nine budget items surveyed to cut back on during a recession. This reinforces how important maintaining a professional appearance is to them.

When businesses were asked what the top reasons are for why they work to maintain a clean facility the potential for customer dissatisfaction was first. The underlying rationale for this drive to avoid dissatisfaction is revealed by these industries reporting that “Keeping the Customer Satisfied” was their biggest business priority. Below is the percentage of each industry reporting that customer dissatisfaction due to lack of clean facility appearance is their top concern:

  • 59% Hospitality/Lodging
  • 45% Healthcare
  • 38% Food Service
  • 34% Commercial Real Estate

Bathrooms, Main Traffic Space, and Lobby/Entrance were the most critical areas to maintain a clean appearance. All three of these areas are customer-facing where first impressions are critical to their brand. These are the areas that Deflector Shield™ was designed to protect.

Maintaining these critical areas vary on degree of difficulty. Two of the three most critical areas to maintain a professional appearance also happen to be the hardest to clean. The survey cited that bathrooms are the most difficult area to manage and main traffic spaces, like hallways, are the third most challenging.

Minimizing the need for surface cleaning and making cleanup jobs quick and easy are important.

Deflector Shield™ not only resists impact and marks but is also easy to clean. With Deflector Shield’s patented technology, a drink splash would quickly wipe off with a damp cloth. Black scuff marks are another appearance problem that takes time and effort for a cleaning staff. Using a product like a Magic Eraser does a decent job removing these blemishes but also dulls the paint. Deflector Shield™ resists scuffing, but if a mark does exist, it can be quickly wiped away without any damage to the paint underneath.

Additionally, Deflector Shield is virtually invisible, allowing the beauty of the chosen décor to shine through. Unlike most wall protections that give you a limited choice of disruptive colors, Deflector Shield is transparent and blends seamlessly into your room.

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