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Prevent wall damage before it happens

Prevent wall damage before it happens

Wall damage occurs in a variety of environments from hospitals, schools, offices, homes, and warehouses.  Chair rails, corner protectors and door frame protectors are available a variety of profiles and materials. Stainless steel, aluminum, wood, vinyl or combinations of materials are available to match the level of protection that your environment requires and at the same time that complements the décor.

Other options exist for industrial areas like loading docks and warehouses, such as heavy bumper protectors.

Chair rails

Chair rails offer a wide variety of designs, colors and materials for all types of installations, needs and budgets. Time tested and classic, chair rails can add a touch of class to your rooms.

Laminate for wall protection

Vinyl wallcoverings can be used for a wide spectrum of uses, from decorative frieze for corridors and waiting rooms, to service areas and protection. These solutions often require additional tools and supplies for installation, and are “semi-permanent,” leaving holes and/or adhesive on the walls or surfaces being protected.

It is very easy to forget how vulnerable doors are to damage by the traffic of people and equipment. Metal kick-plates for doors and other permanent protection methods are available. Some businesses use heavy plexiglass panels screwed or bolted to doors to protect surfaces.

Heavy-duty permanent surface protection

Heavy-Duty wall protection systems offer great protection from damage caused by all types of traffic. Whether it’s a warehouse, parking lot, cargo bay or any other high-traffic area, However, permanent wall protection systems have some significant shortcomings. The setup and installation cost is significant, and there is a lot of installation downtime for the areas being covered. These systems are often offered in only a few color choices, limiting the décor and design of a room, hall, or space. With the cost of materials nad installation, these solutions are extremely expensive. Oh, and they’re permanent, so you better choose well the first time!

The new paradigm of wall protection

Deflector Shield is the first self adhesive transparent surface protection systems. This system offers ease of installation, virtually invisible protection that allows your décor to shine through, and superior protection. Deflector Shield can be cut with scissors and placed anywhere you need protection – walls, counters, bathrooms, doors, doorframes, tabletops… you name it! Our “innovation through intention” approach creates the product and solution that truly meets the market needs and moves the design envelope forward for homeowners, business owners, architects, engineers and contractors.

The systems consist of a layer of high purity ceramic fiber, flexible stainless steel sheet and a matrix of fire resistant fabric necessary to achieve adequate protection and strength. The systems are fixed directly to the expansion joint opening.

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