Deflector Shield™ Sheets


Is your lobby looking beat up? Does your hallway feel sad and abused? Maybe your playroom looks more like a war room. Are you tired of patching and painting, hoping that your customers or friends don’t think less of you based on first impressions? Deflector Shield™ Sheets are your new best friend.

Deflector Shield™ Sheets are an affordable, easy to install, protective layer that is applied over existing interior surfaces. Deflector Shield™ provides a virtually invisible barrier that prevents damage and the need for continual maintenance of the wall or surface.

Quick, easy, durable, and affordable, Deflector Shield’s™ virtually invisible low profile allows the color and decor of your room to shine, and fits the needed space between continual wall/surface maintenance and heavy duty surface protection systems that are costly, time consuming, and ugly – they alter the original aesthetics of your space.

Price is for a pack of 3-5 Sheets. Contact us for large orders!

Smaller job or a spot to protect? Check out Tiles!
Tiles (14″x18″) are best used for small areas, like closets, behind rocking chairs, under towel racks, laundry rooms, and tight spots.
Sheets (36’x48″) are designed for “big” jobs and covering larger sections of walls. They fit stud-stud, under a chair rail to protect high traffic areas like halls, lobbies, and playrooms.

With graffiti-resistant and non-marring hardcoat (see the Sharpie video!) Deflector Shield™ helps protect what is yours! The engineered pressure sensitive adhesive allows anyone to clean, peel, hang and adjust. And as a non-porous, impervious surface Deflector Shield™ is easy to clean and disinfect.

Deflector Shield™ is an all-in-one product engineered for even a novice to install without any additional adhesives or hardware. It will save you time and money in both installation and with ongoing maintenance – protect only what needs protecting!

  • Easy to use all in one system. No need for special tools, nor to hire a professional or have your facilities staff spend countless hours installing a complex wall protection system. Less installation time = less down time!
  • Virtually invisible, allowing the original intended aesthetics of the wall/surface to shine through.
  • Graffiti resistant – even Sharpie wipes off!
  • Prevents everyday damage to walls/surfaces in high traffic and high use areas, saving long term maintenance costs and negative impressions of property.
  • Customizable protection that allows you to protect the areas of the wall or surface that matter – the “Danger Zone.”
  • Proudly made with love and intention in the USA from low-emission PVC-free components made in the USA.
  • Protect what’s yours! You have worked hard for your home or business – keep it fresh and stay proud. The visitors to your home or place of business will no longer see those unsightly dings, dents and smudges on your walls/surfaces.
  • Makes a fantastic invisible "Un-Whiteboard"
  • Two sizes: 36”x48” panels to meet the needs of larger jobs while allowing for ease of installation, and 18”x14” tiles designed for smaller jobs and residential needs (behind doors and chairs and closet spaces).
  • Deflector Shield™: non-porous surface that’s easy to clean and difficult for bacteria to collect on walls/surfaces.
  • Deflector Shield™: engineered to resist writing and graffiti.
  • Deflector Shield™: made in America, meets California Air Quality Certification CA1350 for low VOC emissions, and is PVC free.
  • Ships within 1-3 days
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Sheets (large) – 36"x48", Tiles (small) – 18"x14"

Pack Quantities

Pack of 1, Pack of 3, Pack of 5


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wall protection benefits
An engineered blend of adhesives applied at a very specific thickness and viscosity, providing ease of installation, wall-damage free removal and movable permanence.
Innovative Technology

Patent pending engineered multi-layer wall protection film

Superior Protection

Advanced semi-rigid polymers keep surfaces safe from bumps and dings, while cutting edge clearcoat creates a graffiti resistant shield of protection

Clean and Safe

Deflector Shield’s nonporous and low-VOC construction creates a sanitary barrier that is easy to clean and naturally antimicrobial

Stop patching and painting!
Deflector Shield™ provides a virtually invisible barrier on any wall or surface,  preventing damage and the need for continual maintenance. Graffiti resistant (check out our Sharpie video!) and non-marring, Deflector Shield™ protects what is yours! The engineered pressure sensitive adhesive allows anyone to clean, peel, and hang. Best suited for high traffic areas that are prone to ongoing scuffs, dings, dents and scrapes, Deflector Shield™ is ideal for lobbies, entryways, waiting rooms, and playrooms. Closets, laundry rooms, and other tight spaces are also ideal! Deflector Shield™ is an all in one product engineered for even a novice to install – no additional adhesives or hardware! Deflector Shield™ is PVC-free and recyclable, making it environmentally friendly. Makes a fantastic invisible “Un-Whiteboard!”
Save time, save energy, save your walls!