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Wall repair is more expensive than protection

Wall repair is expensive. More expensive than protection.

According to a 2013 Proctor & Gamble study, 77% of businesses in the hospitality/lodging, commercial real estate, healthcare, and food service industries reported that they are under extreme or some pressure to keep operating costs down. They also reported that customer satisfaction is their number one overall business priority and that the largest driver of facility appearance/maintenance is fear of customer dissatisfaction. Lobbies, hallways, and bathrooms are customer facing: critical for customer satisfaction. Continual cleaning and a lack of resources are challenges to keep these areas presentable.

Wall repair is expensive. Beside the cost of labor and supplies, closing an area of your business for a scheduled repair is a paint in the wallet and detracts from the order and cleanliness of the business.

Unfortunately, a repair is just that – it doesn’t prevent the wall from becoming damaged again. It is likely that the repair will need to be repeated over the course of time. Deflector Shield™ continually resists repeated glancing impacts that create dings, scuffing, and small holes.

Cost of “patch, prepare, and paint” a 4-square feet area of drywall:

Low Estimate (Harrisburg, PA):                                                           $183.39

High Estimate (New York, NY):                                                         $385.93

Protecting the same area with Deflector Shield™ costs less than $25, and that includes paying someone to install it! If someone repeatedly wants to pay $200 to fix their wall instead of $25 to protect it, well… they may not be great at math or they may love to gamble.

Deflector Shield™ reduces operating costs while protecting the appearance of a customer’s most critical high-traffic areas: lobbies, hallways, and bathrooms. Operating costs are reduced by protecting surface areas from impact damage that requires continual repair. Deflector Shield’s patented technology also resists stains, reducing the need for and amount of effort required, to maintain clean surface areas.


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