20 S. 1st St, Hershey, PA 17033


Did we mention that Deflector Shield makes an amazing “un-whiteboard?”

Deflector Shield is a patented transparent self-adhesive polymer sheet that sticks to walls and surfaces, protecting what’s yours!

Dry erase makers wipe right off, and Sharpie permanent markers wipe off with just a dry Magic Eraser! Try that with your expensive and unsightly whiteboard!

Easily turn any wall or surface into a whiteboard in seconds! Put it in your kid’s rooms, in your office, on your fridge!

Pro tip- use a Sharpie to create a grid or basic pattern on Deflector Shield, and then use a dry-erase to add the details. The dry erase wipes off, and when it’s time to change the Sharpie template, a Magic Eraser wipes the board clean.

Make your dorm room FUNctional!

dorm room ds 1

Mike is amazed. You should be, too.